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Welcome to Rose Hill Veterinary Practice, P.C. – Large Animal. Our goal is to provide timely, professional care for your horses and farm animals, and to support your operations with the best of information and services. Our three veterinarians, each with a fully-equipped mobile veterinary unit, provide full-service, on-farm and in-clinic care of all of your horses and farm animals. Our licensed technical staff aids in the management of our hospitalized patients and provides on-farm support to our veterinarians. Finally, our experienced office staff can assist you with prompt personal attention for appointments, records and regulatory requirements.

Our large animal facility, with its state-of-the-art equipment, provides a safe and convenient meeting place for out-patient appointments, as well as being able to manage the tougher in-house cases.

Following is a list of services provided that is provided by Rose Hill Veterinary:

-Digital Radiography
– Diagnostic
-Nutrition Consultation
-Digital Ultrasound
-Equine Dentistry
-Video Endoscopy
– Upper respiratory
– Gastroscopy with 3 meter videoscope
-Lameness Evaluation
-Pre-purchase Exams
-Equine Breeding
– AI (fresh or frozen semen)
-Semen collection/shipping
-Problem breeders
-Health Care Programs
– Vaccination
– Titers
-Parasite management
-Forage management
-Nutritional Consultation
-Reproductive Management
-Pre-purchase or Sale
-Herd Health Care
– Grazing management
– Deworming strategies
– Vaccination
– Neonatal calf management
-Artificial Insemination Services
-Embryo Transfer
-Embryo Freezing
-Disease Outbreak Investigation
-Beef Quality Assurance Care
-Early pregnancy diagnosis
-Fetal sexing
-Client Education
Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation or to schedule an appointment. Appointments can also be made via e-mail and fax. See the Contact Us section of this site for additional information. Thank you for your interest in Rose Hill Veterinary Practice, PC.