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The painful process of losing a beloved animal

Coping with grief over loss of pets, horses, cows When Ann Maclean’s dog Seamus, a rescued black Labrador retriever, began to decline, she spoke with her veterinarian about the decision to say goodbye to the family’s cherished pet. The Flint Hill resident scheduled a...

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Veterinary Feed Directives (VFD’s)

 Article provided by the Virginia Department Of Agriculture And Consumer Services  January 1, 2017 will significantly change the way medically important antibiotics are used in animal agriculture. In 1996, the FDA issued A Guidance for Industry (GFI) document #209...

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LIFE AFTER LAMINITIS By Thomas B. Massie, Jr., DVM Laminitis (founder) in the horse can be a devastating disease process and it can take many forms.  In some cases, the horse is mildly affected and recovers without significant problems.  Others, the condition can be...

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