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These are general guidelines only. Please consult with Dr. Massie, Dr. O’Brien, Dr. Hausler or Dr. Burke for specific recommendations for your herd.



  • CD & T vaccine
  • -Initial vaccination at 8 and 12 weeks, followed by an annual booster.
  • -Rabies vaccine
  • -Initial vaccination at 12 weeks, followed by an annual booster.
  • -BoSe (if indicated)
  • -2 weeks of age, or near birth and older


(Pregnant does should receive their annual booster 30 days before their anticipated kidding date.)


Deworming Schedule:

  • -Kids should be dewormed every four weeks until six months of age.
  • -Adult deworming schedule varies with environment, please consult with the veterinarian prior to deworming.


Hoof Trimming:

  • -Goats should have their hooves trimmed a minimum of twice yearly. Many goats will require more frequent trimming.


Available herd health testing:

  • -Tuberculosis
  • -Annually for accreditation, if desired.
  • -Brucellosis
  • -Annually for certification, if desired.
  • -Caprine Arthritis and Encephalitis.
  • -Caseous Lymphadenitis.


Pregnancy Testing:

  • Rectal ultrasound can confirm pregnancy 35 days post breeding.
  • -Trans-abdominal ultrasound (more typical) can confirm pregnancy 75 –100 days post breeding.